Sunday, 29 November 2009

from sexy singleton to cuddly couple

hmmmm, well where do i start? maybe the beginning, usually the best and most expected place.

right well i must admit to having the maternal instinct of a tree! i did not want to settle down have the two point four and behave like a helpful upstanding member of the community. my life involved working hard and playing hard, having absolutely no time for anything else at all.

then totally unexpectedly arrived 'the one'. yes that's right. the one everyone says you will meet someday, the one that surprises you by being right under your nose, the one that no matter how hard you try gets under your skin and you stop being a selfish cow and realise you can share your feelings, (you know and other sentimental stuff like that.) in one fell swoop i had gone from sexy singleton to cuddly couple and i must tell you though it does pain me to say it, i enjoyed every single minute of my transformation.

having adjusted to my new life as respectful thoughtful twosome and loving all aspects of life. out of nowhere came a monumental breathtaking and very disturbing discovery - H**y S**T!! im pregnant! the twosome was becoming a threesome, we hadnt planned for that! i was on the pill! oh my god! pacing the floor over and over and over again! heart beating uncontrollably! i phoned russ who was at work.

as i could hardly speak from fear and hardly hear from the beating in my chest i slowly began to tell russ the news, fully expecting the same panic stricken reaction. now russ is known for his laid back attitude but his answer astounded me 'oh thats interesting!' was all he said! now i just stood there dumbfounded. did he not hear me? maybe he thought i was joking? how could he be so calm?!!

i could go on all day about the following discussions, will we wont we? what if this, what if that? just take it from me that we talked about this . . . a lot! then making the decision to go ahead all i could think was OH MY GOD im going to be a mum! me! a mum! what on earth was i going to do with a child! oh well here goes, i can do it, sorry we can do it. we shall be the best, most loving, firm but fair parents ever in the world . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Soooo glad you're doing this. Not only because I think it will be great for you, but because it's nice finding out more about you too!

    Josie x