Wednesday, 2 June 2010

today is a good day

today is a good day! its not perfect, i am still fat, my relationship is still hanging by a thread and i am well and truly skint! however . . .

i woke up this morning with a strange sense of contentedness. i distinctly remember smiling as i opened my eyes and thought to myself, yes, today is a good day. i honestly can not recall the last time i did that. smile, i mean.

after stretching and giving out a strange cat like purrrrr i got out of bed and walked towards the delightful sound in the next room. the baby was awake and gurgling away to herself. words completely incomprehensible and yet so obviously happy. opening the door i was greeted with a beaming smile and our newly learnt wave. how can i possibly have anything but a good day now?

drawing back the curtains i see the sun is already shining and i pick up the baby who has now decided that i am the most funniest thing ever and is giggling uncontrollably. yes, today is a good day.

so why this new feeling of 'happy'? where did it come from and how long will it stay? could it be that russ has finally started to make an effort? sitting next to me on the sofa and offering me flowers? well time will tell, as for now i am off to enjoy this day and this feeling while it lasts.

today i am going to smile instead of frown, laugh instead of cry and skip instead of walk. today i invite you to join me and say . . .

. . . today is a good day!

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