Wednesday, 19 May 2010

is sexy an attitude?

this post is inspired by a fellow blogger who is "bringing 'sexy' back." now im not jealous, (well maybe just a little) but after feeling a little low during the first year of motherhood she is now feeling better - good - sexy!

im so pleased for her, but . . . .

i used to turn heads, not necessarily because of my looks but my attitude
i used to feel sexy, funny and free
i used to feel good, comfortable in my own skin and enjoy my own body
i used to strut and oooze confidence
i used to watch russ watching me, pride and lust in his eyes

now i feel like ive lost my identity and my confidence. ive lost my spark, that glint in my eye and definitely, oh definitely lost my sexuality!

i am now 'mothership' an asexual robot required to clean house, look after baby and cook dinner! russ would rather watch the tele than me and the only beeps i get now is when im not concentrating and walk into an on coming car. only waking to the sound of 'oye fatty watch where your going!'

i have two weddings and a school reunion coming up and although im excited about all three, im also dreading it! i can see the photographs now. the sulky one in the corner with the ill fitting dress, yep thats me!

do you have to feel sexy to look sexy? is a sexy attitude all you really need? maybe nobody watches me because i cant be seen, sinking into the background. hmmmmmmm

where did i go?

what has happened to me?

i love being a mum but is that all i am?

is it possible to be me and a mum?

is sexy just attitude?


  1. yes yes yes being sexy is definitely all about how you act. Sexy is from inside. I'm not a 'pretty' person, but damn I'm hot! LOL

    Being a mum, and , in my case, being in your 40s, doesn't stop you being sexy as hell!!

    get on those glad rags and (in the words of Gok Wan) "you go, girl friend!!")

    you are double sexy now cos you are ace! you made a new person! you kick ass!!!!!

  2. Sometimes being a Mum can get into every minute part of your existence you can forget that you were ever a sexual being, expecially with snot on your shoulder or hearing 'where are my socks' for the nth time.
    its an attitude to some extent.
    I got a lot of grins this morning and I am hoping that its because i look lovely and radiantly pregnant. I don't think i had food in my hair!

  3. I remember feeling like that. It isn't easy after having a baby particularly if you fat and not good about your body. If you can get out and get some exercise and focus not on losing weight but feeling strong for the marathon that is mummyhood I think you'll start feeling sexier. As I said on Sleep Is for the Weak, I've had great sex throughout all stages of my life, when I was fat, when I skinny, when I was sick. I'm 42 now and I've never felt sexier. Trust me it's not an outside thing, I'm no oil painting, it comes from inside. Go for it! Btw your baby is absolutely gorgeous in that pix over there >>