Saturday, 9 January 2010

a poem for my problems

you slept all the way through last night,
so why are you crying with all your might?
you have had more than 10 hours sleep,
so why is your mood so dark and so deep?
you woke up with such a beautiful smile,
so why are you making today such a trial?
you can be such a happy sweet little girl,
so why are you putting my head in a whirl?

i love you with every piece of my heart,
so why do you want to tear me apart?
i spend my days doing my best for you,
so why do you make me feel so blue?
i get so frustrated but still i go on,
so why cant you make it a little more fun?
i am so tired yet i try and i try,
so why do you still continue to cry?

now you have gone down for a long needed nap,
i will try really hard not to fall in the trap,
of getting depressed and feeling down,
i will try to smile and not to frown.
when you awake you will look up and grin,
and the day will then again begin,
it does not matter what you put me through
all is forgiven i will always love you.

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