Monday, 4 January 2010

she's a bottomless pit!

after having some time off to be ill, attempting to enjoy imogens first christmas while looking after a very unwell and miserable baby, i am back with a question . . . . how much can one baby eat???!!

the bottomless pit that is my nearly 5 month old baby just does not seem to be satisfied and has started waking up during the night for two extra feeds. this is after eating what i consider to be a decent amount for her age during the day! i have a few theories, although this 'faze' has lasted for over a month now.

theory number 1 - after not being able to keep food down for over a week during christmas. could she be stocking up on lost nutrients? not really relevant as this started well before she was ill.
theory number 2 - a growth spurt? aren't spurts supposed to be fast and short not long drawn out things?
theory number 3 - she has just got into the habit of waking up and mummy is being a softy by pandering to her?

please read my daily routine and if i am doing something wrong please do not hesitate to put me right, give me advice or just sympathise.

7am we wake up and have 6ozs of hungry baby milk 1 of which is put in a bowl and mixed with a rusk for breakfast.
10am we go down for a nap which lasts approximately an hour.
12pm is lunch time which consists of half a large jar of 7 month plus baby food with some water and and 6ozs of hungry baby milk for pudding
1pm is nap time again for about an hour
2pm is another bottle of hungry baby milk
4pm again an hours nap time
5pm is dinner time which is the rest of the jar, a yogurt pudding and some water
7pm is then bath time, a 6oz bottle of 6 month plus milk with a rusk mixed in and then bedtime for 8pm

all these times are approximate as even though my child is not only beautiful but a complete genius (as all mothers know of their children, of course!), she does not yet have the ability to tell the time. she has had this routine for a week now and yet she will still wake up at 1 ish and 4 ish to guzzle another 6ozs each time like she hasn't been fed in a week! as you can see the age guidelines on the food and the milk are older than she actually is but she has had no problems with tummy upests or digestion and it was all i could think of to try and fill her up. i honestly thought if she ate more substantial food then she would be satisfied and the last month of getting up twice for extra night feeds would be a thing of a past!

am i missing something obvious? is it just a faze, albeit a long one? or do i just have a greedy baby and is sleep a long forgotten dream? excuse the pun, hehehehehe x

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  1. Have you spoken with the Health Visitor? They might be able to help?

    Joes routine is almost the same, although he's still on stage 1 milk and babyfood.

    I dont understand how she's hungrier as she's smaller than Joe! :S