Monday, 11 January 2010

what was i on about?

its monday morning and im having a pajama day again. the guilt i used to feel about being too lazy to get dressed is long forgotten and i am comfortable in my cosy dressing gown and over sized fluffy socks. the baby is snoring away contentedly and the last two days of hellish behaviour seem to be over, for now at least.

the house is in severe need of a dusting and the hoover really should be taken out of storage but errrrm, well, the thing is, errrr . . . oh sod it! i don't need to find an excuse. i just cant be bothered! i was bought a wii fit for christmas and i really should get on that and try to rectify the obese mii status that i have been given by that helpful little machine. but, yes you guessed it. i cant be bothered! what is it about my personality that makes me prefer to moan about my weight than actually do anything about it? why do i sit on the sofa tutting to myself about the state of the house while doing nothing about it? in the time it takes me to write this i could have lost a few pounds, had some fun and tidied up the house. instead i am sitting on my ever increasing arse, staring at a dusty computer screen bitching about myself, my life and my house!

any male readers are probably thinking 'typical woman' and in all fairness they are probably right. the female of the species are full of contradictions, confusions and craziness and i will admit that i am extremely skilled at all three! don't feel sorry for russ he loves it, honestly he does! no man wants a woman who does not keep him on his toes. men by nature lose interest easily and so a little female quirkiness is just the thing to keep them from getting bored. it also means that they have something to rant about over a pint or two in the pub. oh yes, do not be fooled. men revel in competing with each other about who's got the most demanding missus! even if they don't have anything to moan about, they make it up in order to keep up with the typical stereotype of 'her in doors!' i promise you its true! though they will deny it to the death. they are also the most amazing gossips! i have sat in pubs and listened in on the conversations of men and it really is enlightening. after the usual football, music and fart talks they then begin gossiping about anything and anyone that comes to mind. women have nothing on men when it comes to 'you will never guess what so and so did . . . . . . . . .'

i am sure i started this blog for a reason with something specific to say but i really have absolutely no idea what that was now! as usual i have gone off on a tangent and completely lost the thread of what i was actually going to say. i thought i only did that during oral conversations, but obviously my idiosyncrasies sneak through in my written statements too! having searched the depths of my mind, which took a suprisingly short amount of time (well maybe not that suprising). i still cannot figure out what i am on about so i will do us all a favour and just stop now. after changing the title of course. someone please tell me, "what was i on about?"

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