Friday, 8 January 2010

sleeping through - night 2

its night 2 and im dreading the same as yesterday! the screaming, the kicking and the constant cajoling until we eventually fall asleep. however, with the snow came a late christmas miracle.

after going to bed at 8pm, imogen wakes at half two in the morning. i shuffle through to her room and am greeted with a huge gummy smile symbolising the fact that my baby is in no way tired! although my heart floods with love for this beautiful girl, it also sinks knowing full well that sleep is a long way off! i offer her some water and the smile fades and is replaced with the same look of disgust as the night before. the bottle is pushed aside and i brace myself for the onset of screams, but there is nothing. instead the eyes begin to droop and she lets out a huge yawn.

not wanting to miss this opportunity i wrap her up and place her back in the cot. the elephant comforter blanket thingy gets scrunched up next to her face (a good sign) and the dummy is doing its job brilliantly. i creep out of her room not daring to imagine that this could be it! i fall back into bed and close my eyes hardly daring to breathe and then they come, the gurgling noises that mean sleep is not an option. knowing this is going to be a long one i put on my dressing gown and slippers and open her door. i am now resigned to the sleepless night ahead. but, on taking a closer look imogen is rubbing her eyes usually meaning she is tired. taking a chance, i replace the dummy and the elephant comforter blanket thingy and walk out her room while praying silently to myself. climbing back into bed i fall asleep.

its now the morning and i realise although i went into imogen twice the whole thing took no longer than 15 mins! all i can hope for is that my christmas miracle night happens more than once a year! x

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  1. well done jill, its the hardest thin to do, your winning the battle!! i'll be doing that with Max soon!! Rachel x