Friday, 11 December 2009

egg 'n' chips for breakfast

ok so i have fallen into a serious bad habit! egg and chips for breakfast! what on earth am i doing? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy! its a weird one i know but since imogen has been born i have been getting the cravings i missed out on during pregnancy.

when i found out i was pregnant i could not wait to send russ out at three in the morning in search of curry flavoured ice cream, the anticipation of eating something strange at unusual times made my mouth water. i was literally salivating at the mere thought of it all. then suddenly i realised after about seven months that i had not had any cravings, not a single one! i had gone off certain things, to eat a crisp made me gag! you may as well have poured cooking oil down my throat and milky tea was a definite no no, but that was it, nothing, the disappointment was devastating! i will admit to eating more of certain things, lemon meringue pie for example, i could eat a whole one in a single sitting. crumpets were devoured in their hundreds and vinegar, well my chips had to swim around my plate before they went anywhere near my mouth! excessive you think, yep, that's me! so that was it, apart from the rather large portions i did not have a single craving! "hmm we are not amused!"

now imogen is 4 months old and everything is back to normal. i haven't touched a lemon meringue pie since the birth (hah! i just had an image of myself sucking on gas and air while attempting to shovel a dessert in my mouth! hehehe) anyway my chips do not have to attend swimming lessons any longer and two crumpets are more than satisfying, though you must admit they are really moreish at the best of times. so why the funny breakfast? i have no idea, reason or explanation for my morning meal. all i can say is that i wake up and the first thing i think of is getting the kettle on, making a strong cup of tea and cutting up some potatoes for my fix. that's what it is, a fix. i have an addiction, a craving, a need for egg and chips! once imogen is up, fed, entertained and having her nap, the fryer is on and the eggs are ready! by nine o'clock im a tucking into my plate of home made chips and runny eggs like i have never seen food before! i don't open the curtains until after this event because frankly i would be appalled to see someone shovel food down their throats as fast as i do!

so is this post natal cravings? is there such a thing? have i just invented a new condition? or is it all in my head? does anyone else have a mystery morning meal or am i completely on my own?

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