Saturday, 5 December 2009

some serious snoring!

this picture was taken two days before i gave birth to imogen. russ had gone for one last blow out before the responsibility of fatherhood hit. he had sat on the computer chair lent back and in his slightly intoxicated state had lost his balance and gone over! i thought i was hilarious, which is surprising considering i was about to drop you would think i would have/should have been ever so slightly annoyed! how could i be? apart from the fact it really was funny, i had been the one that suggested he go out and have a few pints anyway.

that night russ did not even attempt to sleep in the same bed as me, he said 'sorry babe im going to be noisy tonight' and curled up on the couch. this sleeping arrangement is unfortunately a common occurrence. is it normal for a young couple to sleep in separate rooms? we do not argue, our relationship is fine, we are still in luuuurrrrrrrrrve. so why is it russ and i sleep separately almost every night?

i can sleep anywhere and through anything. that is of course except for one noise, yep as you may have guessed from the title, its the snoring! its the one noise i can not take. it sends shock waves through me like an electric current, the equivalent to nails down a blackboard or the thought of chewing on cotton wool! yuk! even the slightest heavy breathing wakes me up and once i open my eyes there is not a chance i can ignore it. don't get me wrong i have tried! oh how i have tried! but the more i try to block it out the louder it becomes in my head, to the point where i actually feel physically sick! this is when poor russ gets ejected from the bedroom and has to sleep downstairs, i feel somewhat guilty about this but, I NEED MY SLEEP!

russ has tried all the usual over-the-counter remedies, as well as not eating after a certain time, not drinking and loosing some weight but nothing seems to work. so are we doomed to forever sleep solo? maybe instead of it being russ physical problem its my psychological one? all i know is that i am stumped!

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