Saturday, 12 December 2009

friends and frustrations

i know when you have a child that your priorities change, hugely! you go from leaving the house on a whim to organising an army just to get a pint of milk! the statement 'pop to the shops' is long forgotten and sometimes i will go without my cuppa fix because the thought of getting imogen ready to go into town is, well, unthinkable! do i have a valid point, or am i just finding excuses for my laziness?

with a change in priorities comes a change in lifestyle and almost certainly a change in acquaintances. i am lucky to have made friends with others in a similar situation and we bounce off each other sharing the fun and frustrations of motherhood. without that support network and the texts of caring, concern and confirmation that i am a good mother, i would have fallen apart by now! however, i do find myself asking, "although i have found these new friends, where are the old ones?"

i realise that i cant join in the way i used to. that i cant stay out as late as i used to and i cant drop everything just like i used to. but, i am still here! all it would take is a little organisation and i could go to dinner with you, i could meet you for a drink and i most definitely with prior notice can find the time to visit the shops! most of all, my door is always open and you could always pop round if just for ten minutes to say 'hi, hows it going?' surely if i can find the time then so can you?

maybe its just the time of year, i do feel like im missing out? i mean i am a little miffed because i have not been invited to a single christmas party this year. well, actually that is a lie. imogen has been invited to a party at baby group and she has kindly offered to make me her plus one. probably because without me she would not get there! hah! my four month old baby has a better social life than me! wow! that is a depressing thought! hahahaha!

so thank you to the new friends and hello to the old ones. this post was inspired by a special mum who, like me wants to let her old friends know . . . we have had children, not left the planet!

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