Monday, 14 December 2009

i live under your floor boards

GOTCHA! bursting through my bedroom door i am again disappointed to find all my teddies in exactly the same place as before. i know they move when im not there, i am sure they come alive in private, i am positive that when that door shuts a whole world opens up and all my teddies and toys come out to play. all ive got to do is be quick enough to catch them!

as far back as i can remember i have always had a runaway imagination. i would day dream for hours about other worlds, secret organisations and hidden places. i read all of the famous five and the secret seven books, i would be the leader of a secret gang and i would stumble upon a mystery to solve. aarrrgh you think what an adorable childhood fantasy, but its not just a young girls dream. even now as a grown woman i still have the same fantastical amazing imagination i did when i was ten!

when i walk down the street i find myself looking into drains wondering what kind of secrets could be down there. i peer into the mirror trying to look past my reflection and into another space in time. i watch that advert for coca cola where you get to see behind the mechanical shell and a whole new planet comes alive! inside there are little beings making the bottle and producing the cola juice. then it falls into the draw below so the oblivious person on the other side can have his drink. its not a vending machine its a magical world! they have honestly read my mind! i love the idea of secret worlds co existing with ours, especially as we have no clue they are there! the possibilities of my imagination are endless and i sometimes become bored with my normal, mundane, human reality! in my dreams i could be anything, anything at all!

im a witch in harry potter, flying through the sky on a magical broomstick. im a pixie that dances on the roses at the bottom of your garden. im the small girl that hides in her wardrobe only to find a winter wonderland with talking animals. im a secret agent, the most sort after and best in the world. im the snowman that comes alive after you have gone to sleep and dances in the street. im the pot plant that giggles and waves at you behind your back. im one of the care bears that plays on rainbows and jumps on clouds. im a unicorn prancing through the forest and playing amongst the trees. im one of the borrowers and i live under your floorboards. i live in a different world, a special world, a magical world, a world of possiblities. i live all of this and all i have to do is dream.

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