Saturday, 12 December 2009

im sorry, was i in your way?

you are WELCOME! i shout at the person i have just held a door open for! the same person who has just barged through without so much as a sidewards glance, let alone a thank you! what is it with people these days? are they not taught basic manners as children or do they just not remember how to be polite? things are so expensive these days, prices are constantly rising, we are in the middle of a recession and yet manners cost absolutely nothing! the words 'please' and 'thank you' are free!

when i walk down the street i make an effort to actually look where i am going. there has been the odd occasion when i have gotten distracted and bumped into someone, but on the whole i am aware of my surroundings. its the dirty looks that really get on my nerves! you bumped into me! so why are you eyeing me with that disgusted expression? im not exactly invisible! look where you are going!! is it really just me? why is it i walk twice the distance by walking from right to left instead of a straight line? why do i always have to be the one that moves out of the way? why cant i walk from A to B regardless of other people and if someone gets in my way just plough right into them? the answer to that is simple. my parents taught me manners and i remembered them!

the daily battle parents go through when attempting to navigate a pushchair around town previously escaped me, that is of course, until i had to do it myself! shop displays ready to be knocked over, isles that aren't wide enough, doors that struggle to open, evasive lifts that take ages to arrive, baby change toilets that are on the top floor of the highest building and other people! the crowds that refuse to allow you past, the sighs as you soothe your grizzly baby while standing in the line and the huffs and puffs as you take time to juggle your shopping, pushchair and purse at the till! "i am soooooooooo sorry! was I in YOUR way?"

so . . . . . . dont just stand there with a look of pity on your face. i am more than capable and absolutely fine. remember your manners, hold the door for me and i will look you in the eye, smile and say thank you x


  1. this ones for you tara xxx

  2. I couldn't agree with you more babe! I thought it was only me who got annoyed by this!