Friday, 4 December 2009

part 2 - i did both!

some people breastfeed some people bottle feed, me? i did both! imogen was such a greedy little mare that i couldn't keep up and i had to supplement her diet with baby milk! she went from breast to bottle and back again easily and i must admit to feeling a huge relief when she was on the bottle. breastfeeding is supposed to be this deeply sentimental bonding experience, but i just found it to be time consuming and inconvenient! i love my daughter more than anything else in the world, but i found it difficult to realise that bond when she was hanging off my nipple. i actually found more pleasure and have never felt a more beautiful feeling of happiness and warmth than when i sat and watched russ feeding her. father and daughter so close and me so proud!

so, i decided to express my milk, all of the good stuff none of the fuss! yes, i sat on the couch six times a day and pumped away at my breasts like a lactating cow! russ tried not to stare at his girlfriend sitting there with a pulsating boob spewing out a milky liquid into a cup, hmmmmm sexy! to the outside world we must have looked funny. i sat on one couch expressing into a cup and russ sat on the other couch feeding the baby with a bottle of previously expressed milk! hah! you say, what was the point in that? well i will tell you. it made me happier and less stressed out which in turn made for a happier baby which, of course made for a happier russ. all good! after 6 weeks i expressed less and less and eventually just used the powdered baby milk.

my last rant errr post, i wanted to highlight the inevitability of sore boobs when breastfeeding. in this one i want to rant errr post about how society looks upon those who choose not to breastfeed. it makes me so angry (mainly at myself to be honest) that i felt i had to explain and justify my reasons for deciding to stop breastfeeding and move on to bottle feeding! in fact i was just about to give my reasons then, but, why should i? everyone has the right to make informed decisions on how, when and where they feed their children, and i for one have seen both sides as i have done both. my friends who have bottle fed children are just as fit, happy and healthy as my friends who have breastfed children so in the end, does it really matter?

at the end of the day happy healthy mums make happy healthy babies xxx

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