Tuesday, 1 December 2009

guilty pleasures

oooh this is the title for me! for a start pleasures is plural meaning that im allowed more than one though i am unsure as to whether i should be revealing my naughty habits! now wine and cheese have always been a pleasure for me and when i have finished gorging myself all night i feel incredibly guilty so i suppose they are the perfect items to write about.

you may have noticed that i have used the word 'gorging' and that hardly brings up the usual image of a food and drink connoisseur. well that's because i am most certainly definitely not! those people who can nibble at pieces of cheese, sip wine and discuss things like full bodied texture, oakey tastes and smokey overtones are a complete mystery to me. for a start my one good taste bud only picks up the most obvious of flavours and i have never and will never figure out why you would want to taste something you like and then spit it out! i mean really! what an incredible waste!

now i have finished my rant i should own up to the fact that i do not eat a range of cheeses neither do i sip various wines, like i mentioned before i only have the one taste bud and it only enjoys mature cheddar cheese, that's it, nothing else at all! the same goes for the wine, i am a woman of serious habit and once i have found something i like i stick to it like my life depends on it! a chardonnay is as exotic as i get and although i may push myself and try different makes from time to time i generally go to the same shop, to the same shelf, to the same bottle! now that's a lie because its never the one bottle! (oops major confession there)

now the guilt part of my pleasure in wine and cheese is the amount i can go through! i will sit of an evening, please note this is after my tea, and i will gulp my way through usually two bottles of wine and a very very large piece of cheese. sometimes i will even dip the cheese in salt as i am a serious lover of salt! (oops confession number two!) my only saving grace is that i do not do this every evening and the baby is in bed so she does not have to watch her mother clog her arteries and pickle her liver!

i would like to point out as i finish that i am not an alcoholic and i do not get drunk and fall asleep face down in a big plate of cheese. i will however agree that i do over indulge on occasion and if you thought long and hard about your guilty pleasures you would have to admit to that too!


  1. this one is for josies writing workshop, a little extra fun xxx

  2. I feel slightly guiltier than usual about my guilty pleasure right now, because I read in the doctors last week, that if you share a bottle of wine with yr partner most nights, then you are drinking excessively... NOw I will happily admit to sharing a bottle of wine with Duncan most nights ( my saving grace being he is only home for half the month...) but we NEVER only manage to drink one bottle, maybe as an appetiser.... It's a wake up call i tell you, now where is that corkscrew?!!xx

  3. You dip your cheese in SALT??! (Although can sympathise - I grated some cheese for tea and ate most of it by the time I'd finished cooking!!) And :-O to the wine honey, my god I'd be hallucinating cheese if I drank that much!!
    Josie xx